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We coach and mentor small business in online business operations by providing personalised advice and support through one-on-one coaching to help take you and your business to the next level.


Using proven approaches to identify and develop strengths and abilities to best brand yourself and your business in the online marketplace.

Social Media

Utilise social media platforms to engage your audience and promote your services/products in the online marketplace.


We provide ongoing guidance and support for your business in developing quality customer relationships in the online marketplace.

Finding Your Audience!

Leverage your Social Media Networks to engage your audience with your authentic and compelling message.

Let us show you how, with our knowledge, our guidance and support together with our tools and strategies.

After 30+ years in corporate Finance and Accounting, Chris broke free of the big corporation bind to establish her own coaching business.

It was a complete mindset shift.

No longer was she leading a team of individuals, no longer was she reporting to a manager. She now was the manager, the leader and the team all in one!

Why We Are Different

Maintain visibility and consistently by adding engaging content through your social media channels that will ultimately provide your desired results.


Using this strategy, you will be able to connect with your audience on a deeper level for greater relationship building and having loyal followers who ‘Know, Like and Trust’ you as a brand.


Private and exclusive coaching to set up an effective strategy designed to achieve your specific goals and objectives.


Live video conferencing calls to walk you through the implementation steps of your chosen strategy.



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The Amazing Blue Ocean Strategy

The Amazing Blue Ocean Strategy

In business there are many different marketing terms you may hear, one of them is the blue ocean strategy. Blue ocean strategy is a business framework that can help you stand out and be profitable in the marketplace. There are many small and big businesses that use...

The Ultimate Guide To Sales Funnels Using Free Tools

The Ultimate Guide To Sales Funnels Using Free Tools

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Starting an online marketing business has its challenges. I remember reaching a real sticky point trying to figure out how to connect my landing pages to my website. I reached out for help and Chris was there immediately to lend a hand.

Chris called me on Skype, we shared screens, and she guided me in overcoming my technical issue in less than 5 minutes. Chris’s help saved me hours of precious time.

Thanks to Chris I was able to get my online business operating sooner…

Chris has been there to both help and support me.


Adelaide SA

I have worked personally with Chris and can testify to her great talent and dedication.

In fact, the beginnings of my book Craft Your Genius Life all started with a simple ebook Chris helped me create.

Over the past 2 years I’ve witnessed the vast range of her abilities. Each time I have a new project I quickly discover another skill she has or software she knows.

No matter what your goals are, Chris can help you make them a reality!


San Francisco, USA

Chris was amazing to work with, very professional, listened to what I wanted and made fabulous suggestions. I already had a website and Chris totally redesigned the site.

I know my website looks fantastic, it’s modern, fresh and easy to navigate.

Chris was approachable, friendly and very quick with her work. Chris seeks your approval with every change that she makes.

I have no hesitation to use Chris again or recommend her to someone else.

Thank you so much for the fresh new look to my website.


Sydney, NSW

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