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Chris Sweeney provides business coaching for individuals who are ready to explore their potential in the online world in order to attract the right customers, to build strong and positive relationships and to inspire personal and business growth.

After 30+ years in corporate Finance and Accounting, Chris broke free of the big corporation bind to establish her own coaching business.

It was a complete mindset shift. No longer was she leading a team of individuals, no longer was she reporting to a manager. She now was the manager, the leader and the team all in one!

So this steep learning curve led her into establishing her Business Motto:

LEARN   |    DO   |    TEACH

LEARN from the best in the business (invest in coaches and mentors)

DO implement what you’ve learned and sharpen your skillset (a never-ending story)

TEACH what you know and what works for you. Stay up to date with breakthroughs in your niche (follow influencers)

LDT is what drives her. This is her passion. And she has the T-Shirt to prove it!

Learn Do Teach


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Our Vision

To provide everyone with an opportunity to expand and grow as individuals and collectively, to bring positive change for themselves, to those around them and the world at large.



Our Mission

To positively impact small business and help them realise their potential to build a sustainable business and create effective relationships with their audience through the online marketplace.


Chris Sweeney Enterprises

Business Coach and Mentor

Chris Sweeney

Creative Director, Marketing Director


I’m Chris Sweeney and for 30+ years I was a corporate professional working 40+ hours a week in Finance and Accounting for large organisations. Like most professionals in my industry, I worked hard, undertook extra duties, completed my ongoing professional development all while leading a team of individuals, adhering to deadlines and legislative requirements and answering to a manager who was monitoring my KPI’s. Wow! That was a task!

Along the way (rather a long way along!), I discovered personal development and this sparked something very exciting in me. I saw my life and future from a very different perspective. Being coached by some of the world’s best including Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn (my personal favourites) I was truly enlightened. It became a continual journey of discovery and unfolding of potential. 

This led me to explore other options for myself (a different future) and soon I discovered a learning and training program on digital marketing. I found I really enjoyed this and followed up by investing in some of the best coaches and mentors in this space. 

I could see a potential business model emerging for myself and gave myself permission to fully explore this option. I did this around my full time job until I was ready to jump right out of my comfort zone. So in 2016, I said goodbye to my corporate job of 30+ years and worked full time in my business.

I am not going to tell you it was a success from day one. It wasn’t! I had my financial experience, my professional expertise and my organisation skills but no real business sense and I was learning on my feet as I went from one challenge to another. Each challenge was a learning experience and within 6 months, I was making progress, building a list, acquiring new clients, and starting to make money. 

Then 6 months further on, I found the business model I was following wasn’t actually aligned with my values. That realisation really shook me!

Then I recognised that the skills, the knowledge and the expertise I had acquired was transferable. I could create a business model that served me and aligned with my values. And this is what I did!

Chris Sweeney Enterprises was born!

I was excited about sharing my experience with others. I shifted my focus to being ‘of service’ to others.

That’s when things fell into place for me.

My business gained momentum, bringing in new clients to coach and mentor. 

My priority became the clients and still is! Helping each individual business owner discover their values, their vision and providing support to them in reaching their potential so they can become a sustainable and profitable business.

My professional and personal development helped me understand where my true talents lie.

Individual business coaching. This is my passion. 

And so My Business Motto was developed – LEARN  | DO |  TEACH

LEARN from the best in the  business (I invested in coaches and mentors)

DO implement what you’ve learned and sharpen your skillset (a never-ending story!)

TEACH what you know and what works for you. Stay up to date with new breakthroughs in your niche (follow influencers)

Here Is What Our Clients Are Saying

Starting an online marketing business has its challenges. I remember reaching a real sticky point trying to figure out how to connect my landing pages to my website. I reached out for help and Chris was there immediately to lend a hand.

Chris called me on Skype, we shared screens, and she guided me in overcoming my technical issue in less than 5 minutes. Chris’s help saved me hours of precious time.

Thanks to Chris I was able to get my online business operating sooner…

Chris has been there to both help and support me.


Adelaide SA

I have worked personally with Chris and can testify to her great talent and dedication.

In fact, the beginnings of my book Craft Your Genius Life all started with a simple ebook Chris helped me create.

Over the past 2 years I’ve witnessed the vast range of her abilities. Each time I have a new project I quickly discover another skill she has or software she knows.

No matter what your goals are, Chris can help you make them a reality!


San Francisco, USA

Chris was amazing to work with, very professional, listened to what I wanted and made fabulous suggestions. I already had a website and Chris totally redesigned the site.

I know my website looks fantastic, it’s modern, fresh and easy to navigate.

Chris was approachable, friendly and very quick with her work. Chris seeks your approval with every change that she makes.

I have no hesitation to use Chris again or recommend her to someone else.

Thank you so much for the fresh new look to my website.


Sydney, NSW

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