Coaching & Mentoring


8 x 1.5 hour meetings (minimum 12 hours one-on-one private coaching)

Develop Action Plan  |  Business Strategies  |  Establish Skill Sets  |  Brand Vision  |  Brand Values  |  Brand Mission


STARTS FROM $960.00 Mth

Business Brand – Package 01

Professional Set Up 

Ι Develop Action Plan Ι Business Strategies Ι Establish Skill Sets Ι Brand Vision Ι Brand Values

The business brand’s vision and values are primarily the vehicle that drive a business. The skill sets, the strategies and the action plan are the fuel required so the vehicle can reach the destination.


In Depth Discovery Sessions to discuss:

  • Vision and Values
  • Current Skill Sets
  • Future Skill Sets
  • Strategies
  • Timeline
  • Action Plan

STARTS FROM $960.00 Mth

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