Stay Safe On Google

You might be wondering what we mean by ‘Stay safe on Google’

It’s very simple….

We want your ‘gmail account’ to remain safe from hackers.

I have a real life example of a gmail account being hacked. And its very close me. In fact it was one of my family members. 

And had the recipient of the email not been a friend of the family who doubled checked the details by phone call, the hackers would have been 6 figures richer for their efforts.

Luckily we were saved from this violation of personal details however the perpetrators were never found or prosecuted. 

So this threat is very real….we never expected this type of thing to happen to our family.

But there are measures you can take to protect your personal information and keep your gmail account safe.

We want to share this very relevant post from They built a plugin, app (used for website protection) which we use on our websites, so they are an authority on the subject.

Please go over and read this article…it is all about CyberSecurity and how you can become more vigilant to protect yourself from these low-life hackers

You will learn what phishing is and how it affects you.

Briefly, phishing is how hackers steal your details, usernames and passwords and take control of your gmail account and other platforms you use.

So please read this article on

And stay safe on Google!

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